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Program of Studies

Kindergarten Section
The Kindergarten (KG) Section consists of three levels: Montessori, KG1 and KG2. The Curriculum of the Kindergarten Section is based on an integrated Programme of studies comprising of Language, Science, Math, General Knowledge and Ethics. In addition, Writing-for-Fun, Show-and-Tell, Creative Movement, Art, Music, and play with sand, water and clay are an integral part of the learning process. Teaching is largely activity-based, relying mostly on play, crafts and observing nature.
We strongly believe children learn best when they enjoy, not when they compete. Hence there is no competition and no positions in Kindergarten section. Children progress is gauged through their work, projects, presentations and formal and informal assessments throughout the academic year.

Junior Section
The Junior Section consists of five levels: classes 1 to 5. The curriculum from classes 1 to 5 comprises English, Urdu, Math, History, Geography, Science, Islamiat, Computer Studies, Music, Art and Physical Education.
Students are taught in a nurturing and interactive classroom environment. Great emphasis is given to class participation, group discussions, presentations and projects to allow students to build their self-esteem, effective communication skills and confidence.

Senior Section
The Senior Section consists of five levels: classes 6 to O levels/Matric. The Curriculum from classes 6 to 8 comprises English, Urdu, Math, Art, History, Geography, Science, Islamiat, Computer Studies, and Physical Education. In class 8 students have to make a choice between O levels and Matric. The subject selection slightly differs for both streams. In O Levels, there are altogether five compulsory subjects in O levels, English Language, Urdu Language, Mathematics, Islamiyat / Religious Studies and Pakistan Studies. Additional subjects, students can choose from a wide array of options available. Matric stream comprises English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, Computer Studies and Sindhi.
White House Grammar School offers a wide array of learning opportunities, sports, field trips, seminars, interactive sessions, music, art and craft, community service, presentations and many more. By undergoing this larger context of learning, students grow up with self-esteem, confidence, effective communication skills, leadership initiatives, and with an interest in the broader aspects of self-fulfilment, along with social and cultural life.